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Annual Gala Celebration
  • SHR is run by a Board of Directors of eleven (11) members responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization.  The Board of Directors is composed of members from the six (6) committees:  the Coordination committee, Secretary committee, Treasury committee, the Advisory committee, the Public Relations committee, and the Fund Raising committee.

THE SOCIETY FOR HAITIAN RESEARCH (SHR) also known as HAITIAN SOCIETY FOR RESEARCH, DOCUMENTATION AND SOCIAL PROGRESS, is a non-profit organization incorporated under Section 402 of the Not-For-Profit Corporation Law of the State of New York. 
  • To establish a central repository for all types of literature and data related to the Haitian community and to Haiti and its people.  This information is collected, cataloged and properly maintained for in-house reference.

  • To produce and/or sponsor radio show, radio conferences, workshops and cultural activities;

  • To Actively participate in the human, economic and social progress of Haitian;

  • To promote a positive relationship between the Haitian community and other communities;

  • To facilitate the comprehension and the diffusion of the Haitian culture and to help Haitians understand and appreciate the culture of other communities;

  • To bring together Haitian organizations, and contribute to the economic and political empowerment of these organizations.





This may sound like a cliché. Sadly, this is what is happening to many children in Haiti, and that trend will continue unless something is done very urgently to stop this.


Last year Society for Haitian Research started to do something about it by establishing a Scholarship Fund here in New York to help keep in school some of our youngsters who otherwise would have to stay at home or join the growing rank of street gangs in Port-au-Prince because their parents are not financially able to pay for their tuition.


During the last semester alone, with the participation of SHR’s members and listeners of Perspectives Haitiennes, SHR was able to keep more than ten children in school.  We are hoping with your help to increase the number to fifty or perhaps one hundred by the beginning of the next school year.


SHR does not pretend to have the capacity to solve such an enormous problem alone. However, we strongly believe if enough of us join hands, we can at least make a significant impact overtime. In the discourse of the myriad problems we are facing, we have always emphasized the lack of unity (“tetansanm”) as the main impediment to our collective progress.  But, we also know unity will not take place automatically. It can only happen when we coalesce around projects and work toward goals the majority of us are comfortable with. We sincerely think sending and keeping children in school could be that shared goal, the basis for that “ tetansanm” so many of us have been longing for.


Having said that, we are inviting all of you to join this very exciting movement of unity and solidarity by providing tuition for one child, or for more than one if you can.


The sponsorship process is very simple.



  • SHR ’s committee of Educators based in Haiti contacts various schools in order to identify talented students who were sent home because their parents were unable to pay tuition.


  • The school shall arrange a meeting between SHR’s committee and the child's parents or guardian to discuss the possibility of finding someone to help pay tuition.


  • If the parents or guardian agree, the committee shall request a written authorization from the parents to access the child's school records and to share information regarding the child with a potential sponsor.


  • The committee shall also have the responsibility to verify that the school is a bona fide learning Institution performing according to generally accepted standards.


  • In addition to having access to the child's school records, the sponsor, if so desired, may have direct contact with the child’s school, the child and his or her parents.


  • All checks or money order for the tuition payment shall be made payable to Society for Haitian Research. No cash accepted.


Additional information is available UPON request.

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